Flat-Forms concrete footing system

Flat-Forms are a patented, innovative concrete forms system for creating concrete footings for decks, porches, staircases and other structures.

Q: What if my footing hole is larger/wider than the Flat-Form? [Flat-Forms are 12″ in diameter and 48″ in height.]

A: Run a strip of plastic builders tape around the form just above the scores. Put the form in the hole. If possible, use the collar to center the form in the hole. Shovel in the first few shovels of concrete to fill the bell and expand the scores about 8 inches deep of concrete. Then remove the collar and backfill around the form a few inches above the scores covering the tape. Then replace the collar and reposition the form if needed, and fill it up to desired level. This desired fill level may not be, and does not have be, to the top of the form.

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