We at BN Builders, Inc., have used Flat-Forms on several occasions. We have had great luck with them and no complaints. The Flat-Forms save us time, money and space in our trailer or shop storing them compared to other tube styles. It’s nice how they flare out, creating a form for the belled bottom. We have used them on various jobs such as decks, additions, pergolas, etc. We do also like the ring on the top that holds the footing in place while you pour the concrete. Thanks.
Brian Nelson, owner, BN Builders, Inc.


Flat-forms are a patented, innovative concrete forms system for creating concrete footings for decks, porches, staircases and other structures.

I’ve been a building inspector in Minnesota for over 11 years. Ralph asked me to review this product from an inspector’s view. If I saw these forms stuck in a footing hole out in the field I would feel very confident the product would perform as designed. I wouldn’t have to worry about the contractor or homeowner elevating the form to fill the required bell at the bottom of the footing as I would with a tube form. I believe this product meets all code requirements and will make my job in the field a little easier.
John McNeish

We are a residential contractor in the Twin Cities metro area who specialize in the construction of decks and porches. Upon discovering your product at a local expo, my business partner and I decided to use Flat-forms. The ability to secure Flat-forms in place ensures the correct footing locations for contractors as well as homeowners. Your product provides easy set-up and storage. The design of the form has provided the necessary flare at the base of the footing. We would recommend Flat-forms to other contractors and homeowners as well. Very well designed and constructed product.
Steve and Erik, SE Construction Services LLP

I own a small construction business that specializes mostly in carpentry work. My company and I were recently in North Dakota building a smaller garage with a nice bonus area room above. The structure would not allow for the installation of stairs on the inside, so we chose to build them outside, with a landing stair setup. When I told Ralph about the garage and what a pain it was going to be bring a lot of the material from Minnesota to North Dakota, he said he had just the thing — Flat-Forms. I took 6 Flat-Forms to North Dakota. The first — and one of the greatest — things about Flat-Forms is the fact that I can pack 6 of them in an area that could hold only one Sono tube! This was a huge space saver. What a great idea. That wasn’t all, either. Flat-Forms were very easy to place, and to keep in place, until you pour concrete. The collar that went on top held firmly to the abuse of dumping wheel buggies full of mud in and against the sides of the Flat-forms. When you’re done and the concrete has set up, you can strip just a little of the form away to expose the above-grade portion and reveal the pleasing octagonal shape that I think looks much nicer than the standard cylinder shape. Flat-Forms were also packaged nicely to stay dry if you have them outside or haul them in the bed of a pickup truck. In closing, Flat-Forms to me are a home run. Everything from the easy packing to the bell-shaped bottom to the nice shape and packaging works well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flat-Forms become the standard for footings and piers of the future.
Adam Bester, Cedar Valley Construction

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